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Q 8

There is a change in title of my thesis after registration. Which title needs to be put on comprehensive viva report?


Before comprehensive viva, you need to get the permission by writing a request letter to the Registrar explaining the reason. The letter should be forwarded by the Guide (and Principal of Research Centre if registered under RC). Upon acceptance of this letter at the Registrar's office,the Registrar in consultation with your Supervisor would approve the change of title.Thereafter you would receive an official communication from the Registrar regarding change of title.Only then you can incorporate the changed title in the comprehensive viva report.

Q 9

My guide is not working under the VTU can he/she continued or need to be changed?


You need to identify a co-guide who is under the VTU system.

Q 10

Can I submit thesis within 4 years of registration. Year of registration 2012 planning to submit in December 2015 or January 2016?


You may submit after successful completion the research work. 

Q 11

What is the procedure to get marks card of course work?


You have to write to the Registrar (Evaluation) along with the prescribed fee. This would take 8 to 10 weeks for processing.

Q 12

I completed course work, I wish to take comprehensive Viva. Regarding this, when I contacted VTU Belagavi office, they ask me to pay Rs.1000/- where as for my friend who is a research scholar in a VTURC they have asked him to pay Rs.2000/-.I asked them regarding the panel of examiners for the comprehensive viva. They informed me the panel would comprise of 4 Non VTU and 4 VTU persons. For the same question, my friend was informed that the panel has to comprise of 3 Non VTU and 3 VTU persons. There is no clarity regarding fees to be paid and number of examiners.


The requisite fee for comprehensive Viva fee would be Rs.8000/-within six months of completion of course work. Your guide has to suggest panel of examiners comprising 3 examiners from other Universities and 3 examiners from VTU affiliated Institutions. The panel of examiners list must be Submitted in a sealed cover by the research supervisor to the .





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